Similar Sites Like BTScene


For the movie lovers or the ones who binge-watch a series in one go, torrent is a blessing for them. Btscene was one of the torrent download websites used to download movies at a very high and good quality. But, Btscene is not only for the movies and series. Btscene can also be used to download other torrents of games, software and even ebooks. The interface of these sites is really simple and friendly and simple.

Similar Sites Like Btscene

Btscene has been one of our favorites for various reasons. One is that the interface is really top-notch. All the torrents here are of high quality. The torrents are available at a great speed. And of the best advantage is that website, Btscene, does not have any advertisements. But the drawback is Btscene is not frequently updated a lot. Also, the site has been banned from a lot of countries.

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To keep up and keep on downloading movies and stuff, here are some alternatives to Btscene we have listed below for you:

1. The Pirate Bay

One of the most popular websites in terms of downloading movies and series The Pirate Bay has always been popular for all those who like to torrent a lot. The Pirate Bay offers you with Good quality content. This website helps you search for movies, series episodes, and songs. It has been ones of the best torrent sites since the very start.

2. TCC

A simple website used for obtaining torrents to get hold of movies and other content. Torrent Hound is a completely fan-made website. One can easily download loads of movies, Tv serials, songs, music, games different anime, software and a lot of other torrents for free.


RARBG is also one of the popular sites used to get links and torrents to download a lot of content. The RARBG website was founded in 2008. It helps to provide torrent files and links and even magnet links. It also provides you with the support to function the peer-to-peer sharing of the file using the protocol of BitTorrent.

There are various categories within the website such as series and TV SHOWS, mp3 music, movies and also software. RARBG is also listed in one of the best torrent sites for 2019 and Clutch sites.

4. BTDigg

BTDigg is the search engine for BitTorrent DHT. BTDigg gets to analyze the network in real-time. It provides the DHT Network with the full-text search over all active torrents. BTDigg is a complete package. BTDigg is also legal. BTDigg won’t ever store any of your or any content. It only collects the torrent metadata like the file name and the file size.

5. HD Movie Center

HD Movie Center has made its way back on the internet. This website provides you with all the information that you need about the movie. There is movie information such as the cast information, the ratings, reviews, trailer, plots, poster and all the information out there. All the data provided in this site has been collected from reliable sources. It is actually easy to work on this site. All you have t do is select a link, install and use an external torrent streamer.

6. Picktorrent

Picktorrent is one of the largest search engines for BitTorrent. It contains free torrents for downloading amazing songs, TV shows, software movies, series and much more. It contains millions of torrents to choose from. Picktorrent has various features and categories making it one of the best.

7. YIFY Browser

If you want to search for the movie and them browse about it then you can manage through easily. YIFY Browser provides you with with the smallest size of the movies which may be in really good quality. The app will support the magnet link and the torrent files too. All you have to do is copy the magnet link and paste it in the search bar, and it will open.

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Torrent can sometimes be illegal and it is always recommended to use a VPN or a proxy server. You will need to have an external torrent application too.

These are some of the best websites or apps on the internet which can be used as an alternative to the Btscene.


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