Top 5 Best Alternatives of WhatsApp


Whatsapp is truly a wonderful and leading messaging app in the world but what if it is not working on your device perfectly? The situation gets annoying as we somewhere have gone habitual messaging over such apps. If you are here searching out for some best and finest alternatives to Whatsapp, we are here with the top five for you. All the apps we are going to mention here will enable you to feel and enjoy that freedom of messaging that of course, Whatsapp is providing you. Checkout SoftGoza to learn how to download these apps in simpler steps

best whatsapp alternatives


GBWhatsapp is one of the leading alternatives of Whatsapp that have made it quite easier for the users to make audio calls, video calls and messaging in just a few seconds. One of the best things about this wonderful source is the involvement of various wonderful features like sending private replies in groups, increased pin chat limit to 30, changing media visibility of specific contacts in the gallery and much more. GBWhtsapp comes up in a free to use and light package that one can easily install and use on their devices without any hassle. You can find it gbwhatsapp download android.

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FMWhatspp is serving as a multifunctional platform for the users where they can enjoy multiple taskings such as messaging, video calling, audio calling, picture sharing, contact sharing and much more in just a few seconds. It is a Whatsapp application MOD that is being developed by an independent developer named Fouad Mokdad and hence named so.

The main reason for the introduction of the app into the market place was to give relief to the people from the restrictions and limitations that Whatsapp offers to. Moreover, the tool also has raised the limits of various features such as privacy, security, and customization up to a greater extent here.


The wire is being currently providing a fresh feel in the air. It is a new messaging app that has currently earned millions of downloads due to the involvement of wonderful features in it. The app comes up with a very beautiful interface and unique features where one can easily get connected with the people living in different countries just by using their mobile numbers.

It is an open-source app that includes end to end encryption that has made it quite easier for the users to enjoy it on multiple devices at once. Group video calling, self-destructing messages, ability to delete messages from recipient devices are some of the mind-blowing features that this wonderful platform provides users to.


Telegram is another one of the finest and cloud-based messaging apps in the list that comes up with a very user-friendly platform to entertain the users. It is a wonderful platform that works on a double tick system as we have seen in Whatsapp while receiving a message.

The app is being designed to provide end to end encryption for high-quality video calling. Security, trustability, and ease of usage are the wonderful features that you will surely enjoy here. one of the best thing about this wonderful app is that it automatically delete a message after a certain period.


LINE is one of the leading Whatsapp alternatives that is currently being used by millions of people worldwide. It is a wonderful platform that offers a very powerful set of features such as conference calls, thousands of stickers, easy and clean interface and easy customization offers to enjoy on.

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One of the best things about this wonderful platform is that it includes very less data than we often use in WhatsApp during calls and end to end encryption as well. LINE access your contacts list and location settings to go with the sharing of files.


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