The Main Benefits Of MDF Skirting Boards


Are you looking for a way to enhance your interior home design? Have you considered installing skirting boards? Well, these decorative elements cover the bottom part of walls, thus providing protection against moisture and scuff marks as well as covering unsightly wires, cables, and gaps.

MDF Skirting Boards

Despite the wide range of skirting board materials, MDF is considered to be the most affordable and durable variant. MDF baseboards are increasing in popularity owing to their low-maintenance structure and incredible cost-effectiveness, thus becoming the most favored decorative feature for home projects.

Nowadays, there are numerous online shops, such as Skirting King, which specialize in selling both traditional and modern skirting boards.

These are the main benefits of installing such elements in your house.


One of the key benefits of using MDF skirting boards for decorating your home is providing greater durability than materials such as pine and oak. Owing to its density, MDF is a great choice of baseboard material for every room in your house, particularly the rooms that require protection against dampness.

Furthermore, MDF skirting boards are capable of withstanding sudden changes in temperature and moisture without cracking or warping. Wood, on the other hand, is more likely to expand due to environmental changes. Usually, wooden baseboards are made of two pieces of wood whose joins are prone to ruining when exposed to such changes.

Although MDF acts like wood in terms of expansion and contraction, the baseboards made from this material have a special structure that prevents the joints from being ruined. Therefore, homeowners aren’t required to replace their MDF baseboards frequently, which won’t be the case when choosing wooden models.

Cover Wiring

Another incredible benefit of using skirting boards is covering the unattractive wiring along the sides of the room. This wiring seems like an eyesore, particularly in brand new homes. As much as you wish to ignore it, the wires attract your attention the moment you enter the room.

Although some homeowners prefer hiding the wires in their ceilings, it might turn out to be an expensive decision when making repairs. Additionally, when being unconcealed, wiring can pose a threat to the safety of homeowners due to moisture exposure. However, MDF skirting boards not only complement your room décor but protect against humidity as well. Click here for some useful tips on hiding cables.

Cover Gaps

Covering gaps is yet another amazing advantage of using MDF baseboards as a decorative feature in your home. When installing new flooring, the gap between the walls and flooring seems to be unavoidable although it’s solely a few millimeters. Anyhow, baseboards are the perfect solution for covering these gaps without affecting the décor of the room.

Prevent Damage

These ornamental elements are extremely beneficial in terms of preventing your furniture from touching the walls. The constant contact between your furniture and walls is likely to result in plaster damage and scuff marks.

In addition, skirting boards protect walls against the exposure to vacuum cleaners, mops, and children’s toys that cause gradual damage. Homeowners are usually negligent of the wall scratches they leave when cleaning the house until they become difficult to ignore. Therefore, instead of wasting plenty of money on repairing the walls, purchasing baseboards is a more affordable solution.

Improve Home Décor

Apart from being highly functional, MDF skirting boards complement your room décor as well. There’s an extensive range of baseboards in different sizes and designs that suit various types of homes. For instance, in case you own a traditional home, you can purchase a baseboard model with decorative design. Conversely, owners of contemporary homes are advised to choose from the simple, but elegant baseboard designs.

Furthermore, if the skirting board colors fail to match the tones of your room, you could paint them with a color that you find suitable. Unlike wood, MDF is a highly convenient material for painting. When painting wood, you would need more than one coat to conceal the material imperfections, such as knots. Regardless of the number of coats you use, knots tend to be darker than the normal tone.

Conversely, MDF baseboards lack imperfections, thus being incredibly easy to customize. A single coat of paint is enough to transform the tone of your skirting boards into the color you want. Also, you could customize their design without causing any damage. These baseboards have a structure that allows you to cut and shape them in a design that matches your room décor.

Being Cheap

Perhaps the main reason why homeowners opt to use MDF skirting boards for their home projects is their incredibly cheap price. When compared to other materials like plywood, MDF is a far more cost-effective alternative that provides numerous benefits.

Additionally, besides being significantly cheaper than wooden baseboards, the MDF models are more durable as well. As a result, you won’t splurge money on frequent repairs or complete replacement. These could also be a low-cost alternative to floor installation. Instead of spending your budget on complete floor installation, baseboards can conceal the gaps for an amazingly cheap price.

In terms of maintenance, these decorative features provide easy installation, replacement, and repair. In case you’re fond of home projects, you could perform the installation process by yourself, without requiring professional assistance.

Wrap Up

These ornamental elements are the ideal solution for improving the decor of traditional and contemporary homes.

They are worth the investment!


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