How Much Does It Cost to Change All Windows in a House?


If you want to make your home more attractive and comfortable, then you are probably interested to know how much it cost to replace windows.

Of course, replacing all the windows in the house is rather expensive. However, in the future, these costs will pay off, as your home will become more energy efficient.

How Much Does It Cost to Change All Windows in a House

In addition, if you decide to sell the house, new window designs will increase its value by several thousand dollars.

How Much Does It Cost to Change All Windows?

The cost to replace windows is influenced by the following factors:

  • Windows design

So, single windows will cost about 250-600, the double ones about 400-1000 CAD.

Sliders are more expensive than casement windows. For example, a single slider costs about 300-1000 CAD, and the price for a double one is 400-1400 CAD.

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  • Glass size and features

The bigger the glass, the more expensive it is. The presence of tinting and energy-efficient LoE-type coatings, which keep the heat inside the dwelling, also influence the price.

  • Installation difficulty

Different types of structures require different approaches to installation: for example bay windows are much more difficult to install than casement windows, which also affect the final cost of the project.

  • Material quality

The best choice is vinyl. It will serve you for a long time without deforming due to moisture or temperature changes, and without requiring any special care.

  • Contractor

Among all the companies performing such kind of work, the best price-quality ratio you will find in the Canadian brand Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

The contractor has been known on the market for more than 14 years and offers the most affordable prices for its services, as well as ensuring that you will be satisfied with the result.

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Is It Cheaper to Replace All Windows at Once?

Replacing all windows at once will really save you a bit:

  • First, if you order big, the contractor can give you a discount.
  • Second, it is a cost-saving in the long run. Cost to replace windows increases every year. Both the cost of the product itself and the services of the company that will do the installation become more expensive.

If you are ready to upgrade the interior of your home, please contact Vinyl Light. The company cooperates directly with major manufacturers and offers the lowest prices for the entire range of models, maintaining the consistently high quality of all its products.


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