Best Bedroom Colors For A Good Night’s Sleep


Within such a hectic life that we deal with each day, in the end, we wait for a good night’s sleep. But at times, we undergo a restless sleep at night where we toss and turn all night long.

The reason behind such restlessness may not only be the stress that is worrying you but the surrounding can also be the culprit.

Surveys prove that the choice of color used for the room can also be a reason for creating the ambiance for a sound sleep. Especially blue has been chosen to be the best for creating such a calm environment.

Best Bedroom Colors For A Good Nights Sleep

To fabricate such a peaceful environment for a good night sleep, you can follow a few tips as given below:-

What Colors Are Appropriate For A Bedroom?

A bedroom is a place where you get comfort and peace to sleep and calm yourself down after a long day of work.

So the walls should be of a softer tone of colors to create peace of mind for a heavy sleep at night. Thus a good idea about warm and cool colors is required to understand what is suitable for us.

Warm colors are the shades of red, orange, bright yellows while, the Cool colors are the shades of blue, purple, and greens.

Warm colors like shades of red are strictly avoided for bedrooms as they have an impact on raising your body temperature and not allowing you to sleep peacefully.

On the other hand, cool colors like blue or lighter shades of purple and green provide a calm and peaceful environment.

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Using Soft Colors

Soft does not depict the texture, but it refers to the shades of a specific color to use. Lighter shades of blue, purple, and green can add a sense of tranquillity to your bedroom. They not only bring a soothing effect to your eyes but also give a delicate touch to your walls.

Using blue adds a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom and results in fewer sleepless nights. A dimmed shade of blue is best for this purpose. Few shades of yellow, light orange, light grey can help in 7 or more hours of sound sleep.

Using pastel shades is another favorable option. Colors like yellow, baby pink, turquoise, etc., have an inviting and soothing tone perfect for capturing evasive sleep. And it is preferable to go for a flat finish rather than glossy ones with a touch of soft tone colors.

To Choose A Color That Suits Your Bedroom

Not all color shade is appropriate for your room. Based on the furnishing, lighting, and shape of the room, the color choice changes. Combinations of light and darker tones that match the furnishing of the room are vital for the room’s decoration.

You may start with the color you like the most. And to ensure you incorporate the right colors into your room, you will need specific color layouts provided by your local store.

You should always keep in mind the color that best suits the lighting of your room and looks good even at night light.

Some bright to dark colors are avoided, as they don’t look as good at night or dim light as they look in daylight. Colour catalogs or even interior design magazines can give you an idea of choosing the colors.

You should never forget that the color and decoration of your bedrooms depict your personality.

Colors That Go With The Size Of The Bedroom

The size of the bedroom plays an important role in choosing colors that can be applied to the walls of your bedroom. Be it small or be it large, every bedroom should have a pleasant appearance as well as an inviting yet soothing and comforting look.

For small bedrooms, darker shades should be avoided as they make the place look more claustrophobic.

Light pastel shades are the best for your small room and can make them look elegant and classy. With small furniture, your bedroom will look beautiful.

For larger bedrooms, lighter colors can be combined with dark ones provided that the light colors are at the flat and more prominent portion of your room which has bright lighting and darker colors at the corners.

Some Additional Points To Remember

Because you spend most of the day laying on your bed either sleeping or working or any other cause, your bedroom should be a calming habitat for you.

Not only the colors but also- large windows, appropriate furniture, beautiful lighting can create just the perfect ambiance that you require. Even the bed plays an important role and for it to be spacious, upgrading to a bigger bed is most important.

Not only the environment inside our room but also the outer environment should never be overlooked. Staying at a busy place with the noise of car horns or construction beside you, can also break the silence and may be annoying too.

So meditation, use of earplugs, listening to music, being busy, and not caring about what is disturbing you can also create a peaceful environment.

As in old times, incense sticks or different fragrances were used in rooms which could help induce good sleep.

So using scented candles can enlighten your mood and also help in curing restless nights. Scents can be lavender or cherry blossom or cinnamon. All of their natural scents can bring calm and help you sleep better.

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Except for these, it is understood from the above points that the contrasting colors are neutral or pastels can help in improving sleep and help you take rest in peace. The lighting of the room and its size is also important.

But along with these, the outdoor and indoor environment and state of mind are also responsible for your restless night or sound sleep. So keeping all the factors in mind we can focus on creating a calm ambiance in our bedroom. 


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