Here is How To Find The Perfect Bed For A Small Bedroom


It’s not often that every area in your house will feel expansive. This shouldn’t be concerning as there are thousands of ideas on how you can find the perfect furniture for seemingly smaller rooms, which may help you make the most of the space you do have.

Here is How To Find The Perfect Bed For A Small Bedroom

Be sure to make the most of your little bedroom’s space and prepare ahead of time.

1. Ditch The Footboard

A footboard is a lovely addition to bigger bedrooms but can look hefty and out of place in smaller bedrooms and take up unnecessary space. A bed with a footboard will overrun the area and make it tougher to walkabout.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a statement headboard. Taking inspiration from hotel beds, you can have a statement headboard that will save space and look spectacular, even if you have a single bed.

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2. Scale It Out

A statement headboard may not work in some scenarios. When placing your bed near a window or in an unusually shaped attic room, a low headboard is recommended.

Choosing a bed with a low headboard in an attic or a room with a low ceiling will help prevent the bed from taking over the space. Placing a bed below a window avoids blocking the much-needed natural light.

There are multiple options of single beds with storage space that will let you make the most out of the available space.

3. Be Practical

While they’re the obvious choice for kids’ rooms, bunk beds or pull-out beds may also be a practical and elegant solution for a tiny guest room. You can easily accommodate additional guests if you regularly host.

A wonderful storage alternative can be provided under the bottom bunk or even under the pull-out sofa. A custom sofa bed is great for a small space as it will fit your aesthetic too.

4. Think Of Storage Solutions

Investing in an ottoman bed – where the mattress lifts up to expose a vast storage area beneath – is a fantastic tiny bedroom storage suggestion. The perfect place to store extra bed linen, books, or bulky apparel, an ottoman bed is the right solution for a busy home.

A concealed storage ottoman bed is perfect for concealing extra blankets and pillows or objects that aren’t utilized on a regular basis.

The area under your bed should be cherished when the room is limited. Invest in a bed with built-in drawers instead of letting your sleeping station become a cluttered mess.

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5. Back To Basics

If you prefer natural and basic décor, opt for a simple wooden platform bed. Its modest frame and discreet design allow for more expressive décor alternatives like bright bedding, colorful cushions, and clever bedside lighting.

Things like a wall-mounted reading light allow you to stay absorbed in your reading without taking up valuable bedside table and lamp space. For a calmer atmosphere, go for an earthy style with natural linens.

If you don’t have room for a bedside table, a platform bed provides a ledge for your morning coffee or evening reading materials.

The greatest bed is one that fits easily into your space without sacrificing comfort or function. If your bedroom is small, a single bed with limited furniture may be your only alternative.


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