Styling Your Jewelry With Western Outfits


Whenever you buy jewelry you buy it, especially for an occasion. After the event, you are often left wondering what to do with your traditional jewelry. You lock it up most times and wait for the next big event to flaunt your jewelry.

What if you could use your jewelry in small ways and make it possible for you to make the best use of the jewelry you have.

Styling Your Jewelry With Western Outfits

Here are a few tips that will help you style your jewelry with western outfits. 

1. Indo-western outfits

Indo-western outfits are the saviors when it comes to adorning your more traditional jewelry. You can pair any of your jewelry with precious metals and stones with these outfits to style your outfits successfully. 

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2. Avoid using the whole set

When you wear a saree or kurtas, you can wear earrings, necklaces, bangles, and everything together however whenever you are styling your traditional jewelry with western outfits, it is wise to wear one piece of jewelry at a time. 

3. Focal point

Since traditional jewelry is always attention-grabbing, you can use it easily as a focal piece. You can style the rest of your jewelry around that one piece to make sure everything goes together. 

4. Over-the-top is good

If you are worried that you will stand out and look different from everyone else, then that is the goal. Mixing styles often means you will be the center of attention.

So, the next time you think that mixing styles is not your cup of tea, you can refer to fashion blogs, magazines, and guides to help you navigate. 

5. Bangles

Bangles and bracelets are the easiest pieces of jewelry. You can wear traditional ones with formal outfits as well. They are a little part of the tradition you carry with you. If you cannot wear a pair of bangles, then you can wear just one at a time as a bracelet.

You can pair a bangle with a watch of the same color. Stone bangle designs can look great in an office environment, at a party, or even at brunches. 

6. Earrings

If you are looking for a boho outfit, you can pair traditional earrings with loose cotton pants and a cotton top. These can look great with beachwear as well.

If you have gold earrings, these can be paired with a chic printed shirt and linen pants as well. If you have fabric earrings, they can be paired with a pair of jeans and a crop top too. 

7. Shirt and skirt

A long skirt and a plain shirt with a glaring traditional piece of jewelry is something you cannot go wrong with. You can wear the shirt in different ways and it can be a formal shirt too.

If you are a fan of layered necklaces, then this outfit is the best as you can adjust your neckline with the number of buttons you can keep open. 

8. Evening gown

Have you ever thought of pairing your traditional jewelry with a floor-length evening gown? It works wonders and can be the perfect addition to your attire for an evening event. An accent piece is the kind of touch that can transform your outfit and add oodles of glam. 

9. Workaround your patterns

A way you can ensure your outfit is looking better with traditional jewelry is by identifying clothes and jewelry that have the same patterns.

If you have a geometric pattern on clothes, then you can look at going the same way in the jewelry department. Pair your florals with jewelry that has floral motifs. 

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10. Black dresses

Black dresses in any form are a blessing. Right from a cotton A-line to a cute party number, black dresses are the safest option when your jewelry is not matching any other piece of clothing. You can style gold, silver, stones, colorful stones, and much more with a black dress. 

Jewelry is a personal choice and you can express your creativity in any way you seem fit. Be the best you by being the truest you! 


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