Banned Drugs in Dubai


In all the countries around the globe, many drugs are banned for consumption. Nonetheless, UAE or Dubai is no exception. Many medications are not banned in the country and are widely consumed regardless of the doctor’s prescription or not.

Some drugs are declared illegal by the UAE and therefore, their usage is a criminal offense. It is a punishable crime to use them. The penalties such as imprisonment, life imprisonment, sentence to death, or deportation are a few of the severe repercussions of such allegations and offenses. One needs to be extra careful while being in Dubai or UAE or about to travel to the country. 

Similarly, the import of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and if one commits such an offense, he faces severe criminal charges. Therefore, if anyone plans to visit UAE or Dubai he or she must buy the medicines and drugs considering the UAE laws and regulations.

Moreover, if anyone carries drugs like heroin, cocaine, or other banned drugs they will be detained at the Dubai Airport and will come across the effects of it. 

Banned Drugs in Dubai

We suggest please better check with the local Lawyers or immigration and then come to the destination you want to plan including Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates.  

On the other hand, if you carry some medication that is not allowed inside UAE or Dubai, there an attested copy of the prescriptions or translated copy is needed in transit. This might include some pain killers, antidepressants, sleeping pills, life-saving drugs, and much more.

The Dubai airport authorities might detain for some hours before the clearance procedure is followed. Moreover, under such scenarios, it is advisable to carry the doctor’s prescription copy which is attested by the relevant authorities to prevent the inconvenience. Furthermore, be extra cautious while traveling to Dubai or UAE. 

Avoid contacting anyone who has taken illegal drugs or has even passed the tiniest quantity of similar drugs. This is because carrying or possession of illegal drugs is a punishable offense in UAE with severe penalties being imposed. 

Moreover, never accept a drink from a stranger or unknown person because if your body contains any illegal substance this also comes under criminal offense and has serious effects. Therefore, try to refrain from accepting drinks from unknown people, especially in bars, nightclubs, and so forth. 

Better to check with local immigration or the Emirati Law Firms like Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants or any other Law Office in UAE like this Law Firm. What are the Law Firms in UAE, let’s find out here.  

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What are the Law Firms

Law Firms are professional offices where people are helped with their legal issues. It means the people can go and hire them if they need legal help inside the court or outside the court. These are the only designated and dedicated professional offices that have always license to operate and provide legal solutions to others. 

Ways to deal with Clients for Legal Work

Client dealing is tricky, especially when he is not satisfied with the legal services. Some of those customers show violent behavior because they are already stressed about the case. There are legal cases that are more stressful than the other cases.

For example, a person who has been terminated from his job, his life is shattered. The economic instability would make him violent if he is not heard. Therefore, the legal services are provided by employment lawyers at law firms in Dubai.

The emotional being of the client becomes a threat to the lawyer, sometimes. They become irrational, which could end up in a fight with the legal consultant. Such meetings and cases end up in a hostile manner with foul language and loud voices. Hence, a few tips can save legal members and attorneys from such situations.

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As for the reception in a law firm, it should have a clear view of the office cabin, so she can see what is going on between the client and the lawyer. At the end of the day, the receptionist will be able to save your life if she would need to call someone.

The meeting room should be different from the office cabin. It should have translucent windows and a soundproof system to maintain confidentiality. The clients shall not be carrying any weapon around them.

The most important thing is to install security cameras. It would help in locating evidence in case any bad incident would occur. Just like a fire alarm in every office, the security cameras shall be installed in the main spaces of the office such as; the meeting room, lobby, and reception. The law firms in Dubai have trained legal staff that can help the clients to cool down.

They shall be trained often, where they can enhance their; listening skills, ways to navigate negative behavior, and know how to set boundaries with clients. Every law firm should take safety measures because threats could be there at any time and may happen to any legal professional in the firm.


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