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Reading the stories of the successful lives starting their journey from the heap of mud to the enjoyment under the money shower is always full of thrill and excitement. Whatever difficulty & the hurdles they encountered in their path and how they took the jump to reach the heights of the sky gives us the motivation that even though the way to success is full of thorns. Our firm determination and hard work can burn out all the hurdles, and the ashes left out further pave the way to success. But the one who is an achiever is always a matter of talk, and its shine is something which can be hardly explained through words. Here, in this article, I will be talking about one of the success story and all about their complete journey. So, let’s proceed on.


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The journey started from the old and odd huts to the building of success is always an overwhelming one and is as too low to be praised. This is only their firm determination and hard work that even make the success to fall on their feet. The article is all about the success of the Awesummly news app and the Cody work of all the members behind it.


Well, the idea took place long before when a power shut down in Gurgaon let this plan to happen. When this plan arises, the three friends who were behind the development of this app were unknown to each other. The three Duos Nitin, Ankit, and Deepak who were from different colleges started doing an internship in a Startup company and that time they thought to do some bigger one.

Awesummly Team

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They look at the people fed up with the exaggerated and the overrated writings in the newspaper, and from there they thought to develop an app that will update the user with all the current happenings across the globe in just about 60 words. This idea lighted the hope of fire of solving the difficulty with the daily newspapers. Before their meet, the development was a hurricane task, but after the combine of the three friends the work was eased down, and today not a single word can explain its importance. The features itself are enough to remark its advanced and the Prodigy features. The app is totally ad-free which provides you with all the news starting from your favorite world of politics to the astonishing world of the celebrities. The app is so interesting that you will not be able to stop your fingers without scrolling down through it. It’s like a jewel for the device which provides the shining texture to it, and the shine of it will hardly give the chance to blink.

Awesummly Features

The news which can be even read through the website can hardly be left out without the touch of our handy fingers. Go and have a try at this awesome app, Awesummly. You can also ready direct news from their official website:

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