Why Do You Need To Hold Bitcoins During A Price Drop?


Do you also think that if its price goes down then why would you need to HODL bitcoins before that, let’s get to know about this very well? If its price drops then why should you not sell the token at that time?

Bitcoin holders have also experienced a wild ride, thanks to the impending fall in its price. Bitcoin received some backlash on social media due to the very rapid fall in its price. The perfect time to sell bitcoin, with others perfectly persuaded to continue HODLing the token. Presented the best time for people to buy bitcoins.

Why Do You Need To Hold Bitcoins During A Price Drop

In this article, we will provide you pro tips that will increase your knowledge in crypto trading.

 In the past, this virtual currency was still going through quite a bearish phase, with some traders expressing their regrets, while also doing their best to avoid it.

You need to shed more light on the pain of this, as all owners of bitcoin realized that the damage could be prevented with the token.

This has been a cause for concern for some as the price of bitcoin has seen a significant drop recently. It is a virtual currency that remains popular with people due to its volatility. Also, due to the huge fall in it, it becomes worrisome for the people.

Unfortunately, the experience could have been completely new for some of the late coming in. To sell your tokens with it, you will need to acquire some platform.

It is a system with which people can sell or buy bitcoin in cash, as well as buy cryptocurrency if they wish, using fiat money.

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How Anticipated Regrets Differ From FOMO?

With FOMO there is always the anticipated regret and the fear of missing out, which are the same.

It has certain concepts in which subtle differences have been observed. FOMO is an emotional response with which anyone can read and gain experience of a promising initial public offer. FOMO affects most of the people who haven’t attended any of the opportunities to date.

Anyone who hasn’t invested in bitcoin yet would be expecting its price to rise significantly, which may be quite like FOMO.

If you are a bitcoin owner, and you sell your tokens at the wrong time, you could potentially regret it. The main reason for this is that nothing can be done except to pacify the anticipated remorse that may arise in it.

Due to which they fail to enjoy the pleasure of rebound, which is displayed only by prejudice towards the status quo. It essentially turns out that perhaps the anticipated regret has played the most role with FOMO. Holders of bitcoin have opted for HODL without buying it.

With this bitcoin owners can try to make more profit if everyone else concentrates on what different forums talk about.

The main reason is that bitcoin is the second most influential method of gaining a lot of trusts, with the greater popularity of this virtual currency seeing a significant increase in acceptance. If it is believed, then at that time the world does not recognize it as a legitimate form of money.

There is no intentional manipulation of the crypto market, it can be easily manipulated, it can create a considerable effect. People who anticipate personal responsibility with remorse can be described as a by-product.

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With this, the overall effect is created theoretically, plus it motivates others to behave more. Bitcoin owners need to understand that whenever you sell your tokens, a rebound is supposed to be very epic. Can expect more regrets at times when you are all closer to victory.


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