Guide to Creating a Perfect ICO Marketing Strategy


There was a boom in this industry in 2017. More than $5.6 billion was raised via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the past year. The number of successful ICOs was 435, as they managed to raise an average of $12.7 million.

However, on an average, an ICO campaign was successfully closed in just about three days. Nevertheless, there have been many unsuccessful ICOs that have failed, with only 48% of ICOs were deemed successful.

Guide to Creating a Perfect ICO Marketing Strategy

Before we discuss with you the ICO Marketing strategies, here’s what ICO means:

Initial Coin Offering is cryptocurrencies IPO in the mainstream investment. For the company’s looking to create their own coin, app or services initiate an ICO.

Investors that are interested in purchasing the offerings can either buy it with fiat currencies or already existing digital tokens (Ether). Therefore, the support provided by investors will help them in receiving new cryptocurrency tokens particular to the ICO.

Investor’s hope that the crypto-tokens will perform remarkably, thereby providing them with excellent returns on investment.

ICOs are utilized by startups to overtake the meticulous and regulated process of raising the capital required by banks or venture capitalists.

Before the start

The marketing plan should start well before you are launching ICO/STO. As your project is still in the developing stage, it’s high time that you become a part of the crypto community.

Start building connections to make the process of promoting your ICO easier well before the start.

This is the right opportunity for you to garner information in order to enhance the marketing strategy of your ICO and your ICO itself. Once you start to engage in a crypto community, you’ll get to know about the latest projects and the marketing strategies that allure them the most.

Make sure that you take notes of things that work and the ones that don’t

Network with the people outside the crypto community, once you see that your project benefits them as well. You can collect a few ideas on the problems that blockchain could solve.

Create a Website

Next step is to create a website. Build a website that looks aesthetic and attractive. Put in efforts in creating the best design and architecture of your site. 

Your website must include all the information about your token, team, investment plans, ICO, and conditions. While you’re creating a site, include ‘About Us’ page and ‘Contact Us’ page including a page for your whitepaper.

In several ways, your website must be center of attention of your STO or ICO marketing strategy. Once your site is ready, promote your platform socially. You can either hire a team for social media marketing or do it by yourself.

Promote your website on social media platforms and include catchy infographics along with your offerings.

Make sure that you must include modern design, clear navigation and informative content.

PR and Media

Now is the time to start with the public relations outreach. The public eagerly waits to learn more about your ICO outreach and you must have a number of options in your hand to maximize your PR and Media outreach.

These press releases are methods that guarantee your ICO’s message reach out to the public. If your articles are published on reputed crypto sites, then you have a higher chance of getting your ICO in the public domain.

There are a few sites that have zero problems to publish well-written content for free, whereas most of the top sites charge hefty in order to get your articles published.

Email Marketing

Probably the most active and working method of marketing for ICOs is still email marketing. This type of marketing allows you to send bulk emails and newsletters to the ones who have subscribed with you, allowing you to market your token offerings to them.

Create an email list and start targeting your audience base.

ICOs have now become a multi-billion dollar industry, which is predicted to go beyond in the near future. If you’ve found this article interesting and would like to share a few thoughts, write to us in the comments section.

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