The Truth About Asian Date Culture!!!


Interracial relationships are common nowadays, mainly because there’s the internet that can connect two people regardless of locations in the world.

You can read more about interracial relationships in this link here. People from different continents can do long-distance relationships today since video calls and chatting on many platforms are possible.

In Asia, many ladies are attracting men from Europe, America, and Australia because of their beauty, charm, and character.

However, due to cultural differences, most men may end up chasing an Asian woman away because they don’t know how to approach an Asian lady.

Each nation has its own peculiarities and observed traits. For example, the Chinese are known to be close to their families, but the Americans are more independent.

In the US, older adults are cared for in a nursing home while in Asia, it is common for the next generations to care for their elderly.

Knowing these subtle differences and the truth about the Asian dating culture early on will prevent misunderstanding, especially if a man decides to marry an Asian woman.

The Truth About Asian Date Culture

Here are other cultural aspects that other races can appreciate when dating a lady from Asia.

What to Expect with Asian Women?

Persevering and Hardworking

In the Eastern region of the globe, most women are known to be homemakers. You can know more about the countries that are part of East Asia on this site:

They are usually perceived to do the house chores, and she never complains about her spouse’s salary. She understands the critical relationship between her husband’s friends and families, so she does not try to create rifts for everyone.

She will say calmly about the things that she dislikes about her man. If the man will watch TV the whole evening instead of taking her into a romantic date, this is no biggie.

She can always try the next day again in informing her man that she wants to be taken care of after doing the house chores.

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They Have Devotion to their Husbands

In Asia, divorce is fewer compared to that in the US or Europe. This is because most people in the region believe that marriage happens once. In countries like China, a wife must set the highest standards of her image to the public.

She won’t allow herself to be belittled by others, and she won’t share intimate details of her life with other people.

They Love Children

Most women in these regions love to have children. Some don’t even have problems with having many children at the same time. Most of the morals may change, and financial aspects can affect a family’s decision to bear more than one child.

But one thing is for sure, you will find yourself a great lady with taking care of a child, and they will do all they can to ensure that the babies will live in a healthy environment.

Tips to Go By when Dating

It is essential to know that dating someone from Europe or the US is a different experience than dating one in Asia.

There are many articles online that can tell you these differences but here are some things first that you should remember when dating a lady, no matter where she is from.

Treat your Woman as a Person and Not as an Asian

It’s not right to judge someone based on her race. Each person has unique gifts, abilities, and individuality, and it is essential to treat her as what she is and not as a group of nationalities.

Before you start flirting by saying that you love to hang out with someone Korean, you should think about how these words will affect her.

Dating someone because she is Korean and not because you find unique attributes in her can be offensive. Ensure that you approach someone because their smile has attracted you or something on that line and not because she is Japanese or Chinese.

Regardless of where you met your lady, in a bar or on an online platform, never say the words Asian. You can get more tips on this resource here and know where you can find women that can interest you.

At least, avoid saying something that is connected with someone’s race for a few days. There may be days that saying these words are entirely normal and nothing out of the ordinary, but only if the moment is right.

At least try to see your companion’s interests, passions, and hobbies before focusing on her country of origin.

Don’t Guess which Country did She Come From

Most Asian women will be turned off if you even try to guess her native country the first time you meet her. In some cases, men will even go so far as to look for translations online to greet them in one of the Asian country’s languages, which may sound awkward at times.

This makes the first date embarrassing and awful. The guys don’t even realize that they can just say a simple “hi” to a Chinese girl who has lived her whole life in New York.

Requiring Google translate and saying “hello” in Japanese when your date is of a Taiwanese descent isn’t going to be much fun for everyone.

Don’t Talk about Cultures on the First Date

Yes, you might have gone to Japan, and you love the Sakura flowers, Mt. Fuji, Matcha tea, and anime but don’t tell your date about them from the start.

If you are one of these guys, then you’ve got something extraordinary going on! Every country’s culture is fascinating and unique, and it’s worth discussing it at some point.

However, don’t start telling your Asian friend that you are passionate about anime and Japanese bento.

They may feel that you are not sincere, and you probably may not be the first guy to tell her this. What you can probably achieve by telling her these things on your first meet up is that you are one of those weirdos that watch cartoons the whole day.

They May Be Harder to Pick Up Compared to Other Races

If you are watching too many movie series where you see that Asian ladies are anywhere and are easy to invite on a date, think again. The women born from conservative countries have a stricter and more conservative approach to dating than their Western counterparts.

Asian women tend to see dating as the first step to something serious, so forget about the notion that you can easily pick them up.

These girls are more challenging, so you better prepare well. You may want to be more charming, wittier, and more gentlemanly if you like them to notice you.

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Enough with the Stereotypes

In some cases, men may believe that ladies from Asian countries are more submissive. These guys wanted women who can cook, clean, raise children, and earn money at the same time. However, these assumptions are wrong and far from reality.

Most Asian women consider themselves nowadays as equal to men when it comes to earning for the family.

They expect the men to share household duties as with any other homes in a Western country. If you are looking for a submissive woman who would do your fetishes, then you may be disappointed.

However, they are worth it in the long run, and they can adjust with the family and work, so consider yourself lucky if you marry one.


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