Methods to Add to Your Diet Chart


Dieting is a hot topic dominating social media, celebrities posting new, ‘favs of theirs’ in diet and wellness. Guaranteed, they have personal fitness coaches and trainers on standby scrutinizing every detail added to their diet charts. Custom diets are a faster way of reaching your goals, targeting certain regions of your body with excess fat content.


Diet Chart Plan

Professional athletes go further with their diet regime, merging it with their various specific training routines. Sustaining proficiency and increasing peak potential in mastering their craft.

Most weight-loss diets contain some method of starving off belly fat by creating a vitamin-deficient through the reduced salt intake. This results in stagnated water excreting the body. Excess salt-based foods add to the buildup of water retention.

A healthy body is distinguished by what each individual perceives as appealing. Mainstream media floods us with what they consider to be a ‘healthy body.’ Slim figures with skin tight and form-fitting body shapes, push the desire to be thin.

The truth of the matter is anyone who accepts their body the way it is and is looking to improve in some way are more likely to take care of themselves.

There is no shame in wanting to lose weight. If you have faced stigma in the past, don’t be deterred. Stay away from people who engage in risky behaviors like binge drinking, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking. Overeating will also hamper weight loss advancements and have negative effects on improvements.

Including more vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains to your diet chart will have significant health benefits.

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Revamp your diet chart with these interesting concepts

The Plant-Based Diet


As the name suggests, a plant-based diet is a diet containing natural unrefined whole foods and any food that is derived from plants.

Any type of fruit; mangos, strawberries, apples, citrus fruits, etc.

All vegetables; potatoes, spinach, sprouts, carrots, etc.

Tubers or root vegetables, radish, sweet potatoes, etc.

Legumes; includes any kind of beans, pulses, lentils, yams, etc.

Whole grains; cereals, oats, barley, and other forms of starch.

There are whole grain flour and bread and plant-based milk as well. Keep in mind, these foods are more calorie-dense and tend to favor lean people looking to shed more or maintain their weight.

This diet boasts disease prevention as eating plant-based food can prevent heart and other chronic diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc.

The plant-based diet causes a lighter environmental impact in the long run.

However, going vegan has its consequences as some animal meat contains essential nutrients that are hard to get in natural foods.

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The Detoxifying Diet


There are numerous variations of this one, depending on the dietary restrictions from person to person.

Carried out over a 7 day period, the diet involves, ‘clean eating’ and abstaining from caffeine, alcohol, processed and red meat, dairy, fizzy drinks, etc. An abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is encouraged as is dairy-free milk alternatives like almond milk. Drinking more water and herbal tea is also recommended.

The aim of the, ‘7 day detox’ is to help your body to excrete toxins through stimulating your kidneys and liver. Be careful as cutting out carb intake has its own side effects; an imbalance of calories can alter your metabolic rate, affecting bowel movements and regaining lost weight quicker.

Consult your doctor before adding the detoxifying diet on your chart.

The General Motors Diet


The General Motors diet claims to help lose up to 7 kilos over a 7 day period.

Expel impurities from your body, improve digestion and enhance the body’s ability to burn fat content.

The catch is on each of the days, specific types of food have to be consumed.

Day 1

Consume only fruits except bananas.

Day 2

Consume only vegetables either cooked or raw.

Day 3

Fruits and vegetables except for bananas and potatoes.

Day 4

Only bananas and milk to be consumed, not more than 3 glasses. 

Day 5

Consume 2 portions of 284 grams of beef, fish or chicken and increase water intake by 2 glasses. It can also eat tomatoes.

Day 6

Consume 2 portions of 284 grams of beef, fish or chicken with more water intake. The unlimited number of vegetables and no bananas.

Day 7

Only brown rice, fruits, vegetables and fruit juice to be consumed. 

There is no maximum amount specified for any of these foods. 

It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy an occasional treat now and again but make sure to not overindulge no matter how tempting.

Sweetened beverages, high-sugar foods, refined grains, trans fats, and high-fat foods are to be distanced.

Drinking unsweetened tea and water between meal intervals helps you stay hydrated without adding more calories reducing your chances of overeating.

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can go hand in hand with your diet. 

Increase Body Activity

Try an outdoor activity or visit a gym if not, even a brisk walk exceeding 30-45 minutes. If unable to, substitute activity with repeatedly climbing stairs or similar tasks that increase body movement. 

Practice Mindful Eating

More people eat on the run these days, consuming meals when distracted will end up in more food being stomached than required. Pay more attention to your food intake, regularly eat on time, don’t skip meals as you will end up overcompensating on the next meal.

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Positive Reinforcement

Remind yourself of your goals, celebrate little achievements and be positive. If there are hurdles faced, don’t give up on yourself. Be strong and envision your initial intent. 

Getting healthier can make you have a positive outlook, feel empowering and lead you to making smarter food choices by eating right. The diet chart is merely a blueprint for how to improve and run your body efficiently.


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