How To Pick A Perfect Burgundy Wine?


Wines differ in many aspects. Each wine label is made with utmost passion, experience, craftsmanship, and patience. They undergo several processes to make sure that before it is distributed to every merchant, people can expect that they are only picking the best wine labels that every region can offer. In fact, each wine label has its own characteristic and attitude which may bring a perfect wine tasting experience to everyone.

How To Pick A Perfect Burgundy Wine?

Aside from that, one biggest factor that affects the popularity of wine is the region where it came from. If you look into the bigger picture of winery business, you’ll understand that each wine is made from regions where there are only exclusive wine varietals and each has their own way of making a wine label unique from the other one.

Talking about winery regions, one of the most popular places where you can find the world’s most popular and elegant wine labels is Burgundy. It is one of the most in-demand winery regions you can find it any parts of the world because it produces top tiered wines such as Domaine de la Romanee Conti.  Burgundy region also creates wines that became their best asset which brings every wine taster’s experience to a whole and different level.

Moreover, Burgundy wines are the only wine labels in the world which are purely made from 100% Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals. Although there are some labels that may use the same blend, Burgundy wines are the most popular ones. Aside from that, some wine critiques also consider that when you pick a Burgundy wine, you are making the best value out of your own money.

So, if you think that Burgundy wines are something you would like to grab now, there’s no reason to think twice. In this article, we would give you the tastiest factors that will guide in picking the best Burgundy wine labels. This will aid you in ensuring that you only get and pick the best bottle which will ultimately complement your palate.

Flavor and Taste

Well, flavor and taste should be your primary consideration when looking for a Burgundy wine. Each Burgundy wine is described to have a flavor which is full of ability, elegance, balance, and complexity. They are also one of those wines which are aged gracefully in oak barrels. Moreover, the fruit flavors added to it should display rareness and shows optimum acidity and minerality where the tannin content comes also in the full-bodied state.

Moreover, each Burgundy label you can find in every fine wine merchant like Sokolin Fine Wines should display the most gratifying elements of oil and citrus flavors. The ingredients added to it should always come unique. Lastly, they should undergo a proper aging process to make sure they come as the sweetest one.

Fruit Varietals

Next to the flavor is the fruit varietal. As mentioned above, each Burgundy wine label form either Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Chardonnays are known to be a green-skinned grape which is generally used to produce white wines. They are primarily developed in the Burgundy region which acts a neutral ingredient when producing different wine labels. It is also one of the essential ingredients needed to make Sparkling wines and of course the most important part of each Burgundy wine bottle.

Furthermore, an excellent Burgundy wine is also made from Pinot Noir grape varietal. This is a red grape variety often used primarily in crafting the world’s most delicious wines including Burgundy brands. It is also considered as one of the most difficult grape varietals to grow and Burgundy region is one of the areas who develop most of Pinot Noir.


Although Burgundy wines are literally found in France where unique grape varietals are developed, the location of the vineyard is always important. In this way, knowing if the vineyard where Burgundy labels are crafted makes the healthiest grape plantation, then you can be sure that they only produce the best labels.

Moreover, your ability to know the location will also help you assess how each vineyard makes Burgundy wine labels. You are able to follow their process from harvesting, fermenting, again, and down to bottling. Lastly, it will also aid you in making sure that you get the best what these vineyards can truly offer.

Vintage Labels

When you ask people what types of wines they love the most, you would probably hear most of their response saying they would love to get vintage labels. This is what Burgundy wines are known for. They produce vintage wine labels that showcase full of intensity bringing the tasting experience of every consumer to a different world.

Lastly, once you opt to choose vintage Burgundy wine labels you can ensure that you are only getting the best from these regions and truly you are earning the best value out of what you are spending.


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