The Latest Trends in Instagram Brand Marketing


The social media field keeps on changing to keep up with the needs of its users. Additionally, stiff competition between different social media companies has compelled most of them to keep on innovating to stay relevant, competitive, and accumulate more users respectively. Instagram has not been left out of this bandwagon.

From just being a news feed platform when it launched to currently having live streaming and IGTV features, Instagram continues to elevate when it comes to trendy features.

The following latest trends on Instagram are essential for brand marketing and can be leveraged by any business for their digital marketing strategies.

The Latest Trends in Instagram Brand Marketing

Instagram Stories

Since the launch of Insta stories in 2016, this tool has revolutionized how businesses share their simple activities throughout the day to keep their customer abreast.

However, this feature has been consistently innovated to become more useful to brands. Insta stories currently have the following add-ons; Q&A stickers, count time tool, and ability to input external links.

This feature has been a great way to market products, services; while redirecting followers to a business’s website.

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Shopping Tool

Just like Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram is keen on creating their e-commerce platform to bolster online sales for businesses around the globe.

Though it is still on beta testing with a few influencers in the U.S.A, the shopping tool allows users to shop for products they like without leaving the Instagram platform.

The ease for users to make any random purchases from their favorite brands within the platform is an incredible way for businesses to capitalize more on. This tool is a plus for brands to increase their sales both physically and online.

Instagram TV (IGTV) Gains Traction

The demand for video-on-demand content has skyrocketed in the past years. This content allows for more interaction with the audience. The launch of IGTV and the live streaming tool has been an incredible addition to this trend of video content.

Businesses currently utilize IGTV to promote products, services, and interact with the market in real-time. Instagram live videos can be recorded to be posted later on IGTV once the live stream time is off.

Interestingly, soon influencers will be able to get paid for any ads which run on their IG TV shows. The concept of IGTV has gained significant traction since the number of users using this tool has grown tremendously over the years.

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Instagram Challenges

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, social gatherings have been limited and people are forced to maintain social distancing from one another. Viral challenges have been a new way of entertainment.

When this began, it was mostly done by individuals just for fun and entertainment but businesses started cashing in on this trend to help in brand marketing and creation of awareness.

What started as a way to cope with the boredom of quarantine life, has been a huge and most effective way to promote products, services, and brands on Instagram.

It is prudent to stay abreast with the ever-changing social media tools and aligning brand marketing strategies with such changes, to realize more benefits from digital marketing.

Whether using the Insta stories, Memes game, challenges, IGTV, or the shopping tool, staying up to date with these trends is significant for any brand using the platform.

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