5 Tasks Premises Liability Lawyers Need to Complete for Their Clients


Getting injured on someone else’s premise or property around Vancouver?

You will need to contact the Occupiers Liability Lawyer in Vancouver if you are getting involved in an accident that happened on a certain premise in Vancouver.

The Occupier’s Liability Lawyer or premises liability lawyer can help you go through the legal steps you need to take to get compensation for the personal injuries you’ve experienced because of the accident. 

What can the premises liability lawyers do for you?

5 Tasks Premises Liability Lawyers Need to Complete for Their Clients

Here are 5 tasks premises liability lawyers need to complete for their clients: 

1. Helping Their Clients File a Claim for the Premise Owner’s Negligence

For the premises liability lawyers, the primary task is to help the injury victims file a claim against the premise owner since because of the owner’s negligence, their clients got injured in an accident.

The premise owner can be the owner of a house or a building, and the claim filed by the lawyer will require the premise owner to comply in providing compensation to the injury victims in case they got proven guilty.

Most of the time, the claim will target the owner’s property insurance company. However, sometimes, the claim might also lead to a lawsuit for the property owner, depending on the severity of the injuries.

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2. Guiding Their Clients in Their Legal Steps to Get Compensation for Their Personal Injury

Getting injured while walking or being around a certain premise can be an unfortunate incident for the victim.

The victim might fall off the stairs that are still under construction. They might also use the broken elevator that has no repair sign in front of it. Or, the victim might get certain injuries caused by the dog or other pets owned by the premise owner.

Asking for compensation for their injury might not be a simple thing to do for the victims themselves. However, with the help of a premises liability lawyer, the victim can go through each legal step required for them to get compensation for their personal injury.

3. Gather the Proofs that the Property Owner is Liable for the Personal Injuries of Their Clients

You can’t file a claim to the premise owner for the accident you have experienced on their premise unless you provide the proof that will support your claim.

The property owner will be liable to compensate for your injuries only when you can provide proof showing that the owner’s negligence of their property caused the injuries.

The premises liability lawyer will work to gather proofs that will point out the owner’s responsibility for their client’s injury. They will inspect the property and find certain clues which can help their clients win their claim.

4. Finding Out the Direct Link between the Property Owner’s Negligence and Their Client’s Injury

Another task that a premises liability lawyer needs to complete is to find out the direct link between the property owner’s negligence and their client’s injury. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to find a link between a personal injury accident and the property owner’s negligence.

The accident might just happen on the spot, and you can’t blame anyone for such an accident. However, the premises liability lawyer will need to ensure if there are any links between their client’s injury with the property owner’s negligence.

Any small thing, such as not putting the repaired sign on the stairs or elevators causing the accident, can be a legitimate link that will put the property owner at fault.

5. Helping Their Clients File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for the Property Owner

A premises liability lawyer will help their clients file a personal injury lawsuit for the property owner if there are some problems that the client needs to go through beyond just paying their medical bills.

For instance, if the accident caused death to someone, the property owner might have a certain responsibility for such a fatal accident.

Thus, the property owner might not just need to pay some fines or compensation, but they also need to undergo trials in court to determine the right punishment for them.

This is the job of a premises liability lawyer, and they need to defend their clients in case their clients need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner.

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Getting involved in an accident while you are on a certain premise, whether it is someone else’s house, property, or building, can be detrimental to you.

It’s important for you to contact the premises liability lawyers as soon as possible to resolve any personal injury problems that you need to go through following the accident. It will help you get the compensation you deserve from this unfortunate event.


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