Keeping your Car in Check so it Clears the MOT Test in the First Attempt


A recent study showed that people do not generally check on their vehicles unless they break down or have a major issue.

MOT Test

For the DOT to monitor this situation they came up with an ​MOT test which is a mandatory annual test that vehicles have to go through to receive a clearance certificate to ply on roads in the UK. At the time of the Brexit announcement, there was a lot of conversation about scrapping the MOT test since it was seen as redundant but the counter was that it was the only test forcing people to keep a check on their cars.

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Furthermore, there was a decrease in the number of accidents or mishaps on the road due to human errors which was an additional advantage for keeping the MOT test.

The MOT check​ makes sure vehicles on the road are roadworthy, safe and giving out the least emissions, in check with the standard. These tests are conducted every year post a car turning three.

Vehicles have to be taken to a certified MOT mechanic who tests them and provides a clearance certificate based on the vehicle status. If a specific vehicle didn’t clear the test, they have to come back in under ten days and might have to pay a fine.

Some of the tests include checking the engine and the exhaust for the colour of the smoke. Additionally, the mechanic would have to be checked for the right amounts of engine oil and coolant so it doesn’t overheat when on the freeway. The vehicle would also have to be checked for the threading on the tires and the efficiency of the brakes so it stops on time.

The vehicle should also have proper brake pads and brake fluid. Very often there are minor leaks in the line that should be fixed before taking the car for the MOT test. The doors of the car should open and close easily otherwise that could also be the cause of getting some negative points while going through the test.

There are a few minor tests that are also handled like the headlights and tail lights of the car working properly. There have been additions to the test to include the reverse lights and making sure those work as well. Apart from this, visit this site if you are looking for the best car interior led lights.

A lot of the older cars have been exempt from the reverse light rule since they do not have reverse lights however all the new additions that vehicles come with, would have to be functional. All the newer models of cars are being manufactured with day time running lights and these have to be functional at the time of the MOT test.

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All of these rules have come about as a means to have all vehicles meet the European Union Roadworthiness Package which is a generalised standard that all cars should fall under. It would lead to a system of consistency between cars throughout the EU.


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