How To Make Money Through YouTube?


Nowadays internet has become a part of our daily routine. Even people from remote areas are now active users of YouTube, Facebook etc. So we might have heard about people earning money on the internet. Many of us use YouTube for many purposes and assistance. But do you know that we can make money through YouTube? Most of the YouTube users don’t know about this. Even if they knew they feel it as a tough and complex task to do.

Youtube Money

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So now let us see “how to make money through YouTube?”. It’s not that tough if you do it in a correct way.

So let us see it in a few steps on how to create a channel and how to make money through it :

Step 1: You have to create a Google account first and it will be an unique account to access any Google services like gmail, google+ etc.

Step 2: Now after signing up you should create a channel in YouTube to upload videos of any content you are interested in.

Step 3: After that you should upload genuine content in your channel i.e., you shouldn’t include any copyrighted content in your channel. Refer google adsense conditions & terms. Google adsense maintains all the ads we get in youtube videos. It will give a share of profit to uploaders.

Step 4: This is the most important one.

Make sure you enable monetisation option in your settings. And payment process will be through bank transfer and you can get $1.50/1000 views i.e., INR 100 per 1000 views. This is just a rough calculation and in real time it varies totally.

Don’t think that the process is completed. Here is the tough phase of gaining traffic to your channel. Its not really tough when you are an active user of social networking sites.

So here are some ways to drive traffic to your channel:

1.Social media: This is a good platform to gain traffic to your content provided it should be valuable and attractive. Make a short trailer of your content and share it on facebook, twitter and other social networks before you upload your video.

2.Friends and acquaintances: Tell your friends about your channel. Gain some publicity in your locality. If you have worthy content, it will really go viral or else you may witness snail pace of increase of your views.

3.Blogging: If you already have a blog and it has enough followers then paste your video link in that blog so you can detour them to your channel provided your title should be compelling.

4.Keyword: This also plays a key role. So search for a good keyword from online sources related to your content and make a good title so that you can gain more traffic.

Now let us take a look at some interesting ways to make videos to gear up your views:

1. If you have a good experience in cooking then make a video of cooking any special dish explaining each and every step. So even beginners can understand the process. Then name it with a good keyword don’t neglect the importance of keyword. It adds a lot of difference.

2. If you have some easy shortcuts to do mathematics, reasoning questions or any other tricks then make some tutorials on that topic. People will easily fall for shortcuts and tricks to save time.

3. If your baby does some naughty things then make a video on that, who knows your baby might become famous within no time. People like to watch babies doing naughty things. Your videos will go viral immediately.

So folks making money from YouTube is not that tough. Easy if you have some stuff in you. So go for it now.

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