Investment Options: Gold Or Other Precious Metals?


If you have the precious metal market in your sights, many investment gurus would give you a thumbs-up! Now is a good time to invest in tangible assets like gold, silver, and platinum, but which is the best performing metal?

The answer depends on what you are expecting to gain from the investment. There are no dividends when holding gold or any other precious metal, but if you are looking for a safe market and take physical possession of the asset, precious metals are an attractive proposition.

Investment Options Gold Or Other Precious Metals

Do Some Online Research

If you would like to learn more about precious metals and the markets that trade them, the Internet hosts a wealth of resources to give you a deeper understanding of precious metal investment.

Should you decide that gold offers the best investment, make sure that where you buy the precious metal from can be trusted. You can make an appointment to visit a dealer’s office and take physical possession of your gold, which is preferred to ETFs or gold bonds.

It is quite easy to find out how gold or silver has performed over the last 5 years and while that is no guarantee for the future, precious metals enjoy a boom when there are volatile markets such as now.

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Special Interest

If you have a special interest in particular precious metal, this might give you the incentive to move into the marketplace and for many small investors, the choice is gold.

Collecting gold coins is both a hobby and a form of investment, with the following coins being the most popular:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Brittania
  • South African Krugerrand

All of the above are pure by weight and can easily be acquired from a leading gold bullion dealer and for many small investors, gold coins make up a portion of their investment portfolio.

There are many gold coins that have been minted by many countries and you could move into a niche collection, although you would need to know a lot about the rarer gold coins.

Physical Possession

Unless you happen to be a precious metal trader, you are advised to take physical possession of any gold that you buy. There are a lot of forms of gold.

For example, you are setting your eyes on bullion, find out the best gold bullion price in Brisbane or your city is offering. Arrange an appointment with a reputable dealer near you.

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Safe Storage

Where to store gold bullion? Some people install a concealed safe in their home, while others prefer to rent a safety deposit box at a bank or local security facility.

The only downside to the latter is you cannot access your gold outside of regular banking hours, although you shouldn’t need to get your hands on the gold at such short notice.

Never bury gold or hide it in a location that only you know, as if something happened to you, the wealth would remain undiscovered.

Prior to making any investment, you should carry out some research and when you are ready, an online search will take you to the website of a leading bullion dealer and you can make an appointment to carry out the transaction.


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