Student Hack You Should Know: Delete PDF Pages In Seconds!


Since the emergence of CoronaVirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has transformed the face-to-face classroom setup into online learning, classes have been conducted using virtual platforms for video and audio conferencing while submission of tasks to the professor in soft copies has been out of style.

Requirements are now being forwarded in a digital format with the use of submission portals in web-based platforms like Google Classroom and Canva. 

Most of the students prefer the Portable Document Format or PDF as it offers the best graphic integrity. When you use PDF for tasks, you can make sure that your professor will see the same content and layout of the file. However, there are times when we miss minor errors, mostly if it is just an irrelevant page.

In some instances, it can be hard to remove unnecessary pages, especially if we are reaching the deadlines for task submissions or preparing for an urgent school presentation.

Student Hack You Should Know Delete PDF Pages In Seconds

Good thing, PDFBear is offering a convenient, efficient, and easy way to delete pages from PDF that you wish to erase by just following these three easy steps.

Choose the PDF file that you want to edit

Yes, it is easy to remove a page on a document if it is already printed on paper. You have to pick a page and throw it away. However, in an online setup, deleting pages in a PDF format may be a hassle to some.

Thanks to the online tool PDFBear, all the deletion processes will be operated by them. Here is how you can delete pages in seconds! 

Firstly, you have to select the PDF file that you happened to wish to modify or remove specific pages from. PDFBear has a very user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

At the center of the webpage interface, a large box is displayed that you can quickly see and use to easily Drag and Drop your chosen PDF file.

You can also select a file from your file manager as you wish to. It is also a Cloud-friendly platform as they offer a way for you to upload a file coming from cloud-based storage like Google Drive and Dropbox even if it is on other devices.

Why use PDFBear? Instead of converting your PDF file to a Word file and trying to re-edit, revise, modify, arrange, and delete specific pages from it, then reconverting it again to PDF, which will surely take time. It is better to use this readily available internet tool for free.

Aside from it being efficient and convenient, it will also help you avoid unwanted reformatting and re-layout issues, in case that your Word file messes up.

You don’t want to encounter such problems when you are in a rushed or urgent situation. With PDFBear, your layout and format will remain the same. Only your applied changes are saved.

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Start removing the pages

After choosing your PDF file, the second thing that you have to do is remove all pages you wanted to remove. As simple as it sounds, the only thing that you have to follow to remove pages in your file is to choose and click the unwanted or unnecessary pages on your document.

In the upper-right corner of it, click the trash icon. In doing so, that specific page will be instantaneously eliminated, and all you have to do afterward is click APPLY CHANGES, which is in the lower-right portion of the display.

You can also recommend this conversion tool to your classmates and professor because PDFBear will work on all operating system devices may it be Windows, Mac, or Linux. It offers excellent quality services without requiring you to install additional software or extensions.

The best part of it is that this is a trustworthy platform. Your safety will be assured as they have a privacy policy on which after uploading a file, it will be automatically deleted an hour after your link has been generated for download.

PDFBear will also work on PC, laptops, or even mobile phones, making it student-friendly as they let their users have full control and maximize the tool in extracting specific pages from a PDF file using any devices at hand.

Download the final file

Lastly, after applying desired changes, wait and click the “download” button. Then it will be automatically saved either on your device or to your Cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive as you wish.

You can also share your file with others right away. It not only gives you a newly updated PDF file but rather it also makes it smaller in size, which is perfect in minimizing the accumulated space in your device storage.

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In A Nutshell  

Check for more PDFBear tools to help you survive the online-learning setup amidst this COVID-19 pandemic with ease.

In just a matter of a few clicks, the PDFBear page removal tool will help you erase excessive, unnecessary, or irrelevant pages in your PDF file smoothly and quickly like magic.

It also offers a way for you to rearrange the pages, drag and drop portions of the document, or undo changes as you want them to be! Worry no more! Reaching deadlines for task submissions or preparing for school-related presentations will be as quick and easy now.

Make sure to check out the website to learn more about its other features and tools that you can use for free!


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