How The Mini Clover Is Changing the Credit Card Industry?


The Clover series of merchant management devices have been revolutionizing the point of sale equipment industry for a dozen years now. In that time, the line’s operating system has been refined, with core support extended to embrace more payment methods and business models than ever before.

There has even been a 2.0 version of the original system with a total design refresh, in addition to the development of a wide range of specialized Clover devices that share an OS with the original but pack unique features that make them perfectly suited to specific business models.

Among these specialized models, the Mini has had exceptionally wide appeal, and its support for processing options like cash discount program participation makes it the perfect combination of portable and powerful.

How The Mini Clover Is Changing the Credit Card Industry

No Contact Transactions in a Mini Mobile Device

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined commerce around the globe, and one of the most pronounced changes has been the sharp rise in demand for contactless POS device options. No contact transactions minimize the avenues of virus transmission for not only coronavirus but also seasonal nuisances like the cold and flu.

It’s easy to sanitize the surfaces involved, and configuring it for zero contact checkout is simple. Mobile capability means you can provide delivery checkout or pop-up event sales as conditions permit, then pivot to zero contact checkout at a static location when the situation calls for it.

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Reduce Credit Card Processing Costs

The other major change the Clover Mini POS brings to the industry is the ease with which it can be configured for cash discount programs. Until recently, POS options with cash discount compatibility have been mostly limited to systems designed for brick and mortar storefronts.

The Clover Mini uses the same basic operating system as its bigger sister the Clover 2.0, so the same settings that make it easy to set up a store-wide cash discount program on the 2.0 will also tweak the mobile device to offer the same.

It’s that easy for your mobile business to participate in a program that has been shown to reduce the costs of credit card processing by up to 95%.

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Additional Cost Reduction Opportunities

If you want to set up cash discounts under the federal guidelines for the program, you need credit card processing that is built to work with you.

That means not only equipment that calculates and applies the cash discount as applicable, but also card processing with transparent prices that allow you to accurately set the cash discount to cover transaction expenses.

The good news is that while you are shopping for the right provider, you have the opportunity to save even more because many of today’s most competitive credit card processors and merchant service providers offer regular incentives to set up new service.

What do those incentives mean to your business? If you look for the right sale, they could mean a free or discounted Clover Mini. You will have a hard time finding a deal that’s better than getting free equipment as a gift for eliminating almost all of your card processing costs.


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