7 Reasons Computer Science Graduates Make More Money than Anyone Else


Many students get it rough in college, especially when taking a demanding course like computer science.

7 Reasons Computer Science Graduates Make More Money than Anyone Else

As you grapple with your complex computer science homework, you must be wondering whether all the hard work and hours of study are worth it. In a job market where things move so fast, it’s common for graduates to doubt their career choices.

Whether you are about to enroll for a computer science degree or you are already in one, there might be many questions crossing your mind.  One of these is whether you can make good money with your degree.

In the U.S, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median salary of graduates with computer and information technology degrees is $38,640 greater than all other occupations. Careers in computer science frequently lead to six-figure salaries, according to BLS.

The first question that comes to mind is how that is possible. The same report predicts a 13% increase in jobs for these professionals between 2016 and 2026.

This post explores reasons computer science graduates enjoy better pay than anyone else on the job market.

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1. It’s a Changing World

The world has gone digital, and the place of computer science graduates in the job market has never been more important.

Computer science revolves around the study of computers and computational systems. You will work with software and software systems, and these are at the core of the digital revolution.

2. Diversity of Career Options

Many degree programs confine graduates to one line of work. This limits opportunities to make more money. One advantage of a computer science degree is that the graduate can work in a broad range of areas.

There’s a diversity of career options from data scientists, software testing, system analysts, software engineering, networking architects, web developers, Information technology specialist, Mobile application designing or development, and many more.

3. Recession-Proof Jobs

When a recession hits, many of the traditional careers take a hit. At times like these, the importance of technology in predicting such financial downturns and overcoming emerging challenges is emphasized. This means computer science graduates still get hired and their jobs are more secure compared to other careers.

4. Dealing in Groundbreaking Technology

Another reason computer science graduates make more money is because they deal with groundbreaking technologies. All industries require innovative technologies to survive in a competitive global landscape.

From artificial intelligence (AI), numerical analysis, security, database systems, bioinformatics, programming languages, human-computer interaction, vision, and graphics to software engineering, these are technologies in high demand across all industries. For this reason, computer science graduates are in high demand in the job market.

5. Limitless Future Opportunities

When thinking of a career today, it’s advisable to look at how your skills will apply some years to come. Research shows many jobs that are popular today might become obsolete in a few decades. For instance, a CNN Report in 2019 said robots could take 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030.

Computer science is at the center of innovations creating a new world order. As a computer science graduate, there are many opportunities in the future and this translates to better pay.

6. Well Rounded Education

When hiring, recruiters want someone who has a set of skills. A computer science graduate is a perfect hire as they bring a combination of problem-solving skills, scientific background, and logical thinking. There’s vast applicability of computer skills in any working environment. 

To complete a computer science program, you have to be the best and employers are thus willing to pay a lot to retain your services. Many graduates with this educational background go on to become great leaders not only in the IT industry but other areas such as healthcare, manufacturing to mention a few.

They have the analytical skills required to guide companies through the toughest of times and they can always call on their training to come up with innovative solutions to overcome the most serious problems.

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7. The Trendsetters

While computer science has been around for a long time, it’s only over the last two decades that people working in this field have become noticeable.

Computer programmers, software developers, and other professionals in this field have always been cooped somewhere in a back office immersed in code.

However, these professionals have now been forced into the limelight.

There’s a lot of fascination with what they do and how they do it. Trailblazers such as Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Tim Berners Lee (the inventor of the World Wide Web), and Stephen Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, have generated a lot of interest in this field.

Their groundbreaking work has increased the value of computer science in the eyes of employers.

The innovations by trendsetting scientists have helped showcase to the world why this branch of science is important. With computers now a part of modern life, computer science graduates receive better treatment in the job market, and this has helped improve their earnings.

This trend of great tidings for computer scientists is now seen across the world. A recent study by Sunday Times in the UK found that a graduate with a computer science degree earns five times more than those with other qualifications. 

Final Thoughts

As you struggle with your computer science project, it’s always good to look at the brighter side. Great things are waiting for you after you graduate. The demand for graduates with a computer science background is still high, and their pay is way better compared to other fields of study.  


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